Reasons I Don’t Clean Out My Car

We are always on the go. Going to Krav Maga. Going to appointments. Going to friends and school. Traveling to see family that doesn’t live close. Just always going somewhere. For this, I am thankful that I have a mini van! We put down the far back seats, load up and drive! Because of this my car is a collector of things and I don’t spend every day or even every weekend cleaning it out, even though I probably should. Eventually it will get some weird smell inside and I don’t know if it’s a kids dirty sock or sports clothes or maybe just some food smeared somewhere. Or maybe a mouse found its way in and is eating all the food my kids decide to share with whatever creatures live on the floor. In any case, I have reasons for not cleaning out my car.

The biggest reason is I don’t have time. When I do get free time, the last thing I want to do is take over an hour to deep clean my car!

It’s just going to be destroyed again as soon as I clean it. I know this because that’s what happens right after I clean it every time!

I might be a little scared of what I’m going to find in there. I once found beans (from a bean and cheese burrito) inside the buckle part of the seat belt. How is that even possible? And blood on the seat where my kid sits from his bloody nose or what I believe was his bloody nose and I do believe it was my kids blood….

It means I’m going to have to find a place for the shit that has accumulated inside my car. It’s obviously in there because there’s no room anywhere else or I might need it in there someday. So what the hell do I do? Take it out or leave it? But then what’s the point of cleaning my car.

Those smears on my windows… Ya, I have no idea where those come from and they are both on the inside and outside of the windows. Gross!

If I take some of the stuff that’s in there out, that will be the exact day I end up needing it even though I haven’t touched it in a while. For example: I usually keep a bag of jackets/sweaters in the car. I took them out to wash them all. We went somewhere and all needed sweaters but I had none. I never put them back. In fact, they still aren’t back in there. We just froze that day.

Maybe, deep down inside I want to live up to the messy mini van mom thing. You know, you see a mom in a mini van with her kids and you know that things got to be hammered with candy wrappers, clothes and food all over. If that’s the case, I’m doing it right!!

Ok, maybe some of these are reasons I should clean out my car. But really, we are just gonna go trick or treating this weekend and get more crap in it and all over it.

Do you clean out your car?


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