Reasons Doing Laundry Is The Pits

As I tackled the ginormous laundry pile that had accumulated yesterday, all I could think of was how many other things I could be doing right now. And how the hell does my family go through so many outfits in one day? Granted this laundry was 1 weeks worth. But 1 weeks worth of laundry was far too much! There are reasons us ladies let it build up and don’t want to do laundry.

Here they are:

It Takes Forever- The process alone takes forever. Unless you have some magic washer, dryer and folding machine. (which I doubt ay of you have. If you do, where is the love?)

No one ever helps- If you want help you have to pay your kids and they do it wrong while complaining about it. Just getting them to help put their own clothes away is a chore.

I could be doing something else…that I want to be doing- Half of those clothes aren’t even mine. I am doing the laundry as a service to my family because I love them. I could be doing so many other things. I still have clothes to wear.

The socks are always inside out- No matter how many times I ask them to make their socks the right way, they don’t. Then I have to stick my hands in their nasty socks to wash! Why can’t they just help a girl out?

Putting It Away Is The Worst- Some gets hung up, some gets put in drawers or cupboards. Everything goes in a different room and my house is ginormous. UGH!

I forget about them- I forget they are in the washer or get super busy with life and have to re wash. Or forget they are in the dryer and have to re dry so they aren’t all wrinkly.

It would seem that everything about laundry is the pits. Except not having any. That’s the best!


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