Realities Of Marriage

My last post was a bit like word vomit. I couldn’t help it. After getting it all out and working my tail off, I feel a lot better today! Levi said I would and he was right!

Talking….well venting to Travis was a big part of my feeling better and made me realize some of the things people told me when we first got together ended up being true. Everyone gave us advice about all sorts of different aspects of life but very little of that advice showed how odd marriage can be. Ya know…the little things. Of course, I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned after being with Travis for 13 years…

When you are married, loading the dish washer is more like an IQ test.

Somewhere between we are getting married and we are getting a mortgage, you being peeing with the door open.

True love is not only heroics but also popping that irritating zit on your spouses back.

Married people can argue about directions while going 75 MPH on the freeway and that’s legal for some reason.

A husband can break wind so rank that the wife will have to step outside and then he will ask for sex after. What the hell?

Handing your partner a roll of toilet paper while on the toilet is the reality of partnership.

Married people share just about everything. Not toothbrushes though…

One spouse will be “trying” to eat healthy, while the other eats pizza.

Seducing a wife often looks like her sleeping till 8am or a plate of brownies. Or both.

90% of marriage is discussing what to make for dinner.

Arguments are usually over laundry, money and whose turn it is to clean the toilet.

Crying/venting to your spouse while they say nothing, (that is key, saying nothing) always makes you feel you better.

One of you eventually learns not to argue….Only one of you.

Married people often watch their spouse sleep. There is something creepy and enduringly beautiful about that.

This is not an exhaustive list. There is much, much more. But knowing these small realities you have a nice leg up on the oddity that is marriage. Or you’re shaking your head saying “Yep, totally.”

Happy Wednesday


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3 thoughts on “Realities Of Marriage

  1. I loved this and yes all of that I can relate to, it gave me a good chuckle although for me a major concern for me is that after 17 years I am not allowed, and I repeat, not allowed to wear his socks. I am still to this day not sure why it’s an issue but I have been known to sneak the odd pair just to see if he will notice. You’re right, it is the little things!!

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