Ready Or Not….

It has been such a busy week. The kids start school tomorrow and I have done a lot to prepare us for this but I apparently didn’t do enough. I woke up this morning thinking of all the things I have to do just to get ready for school tomorrow. So basically, I woke up thinking “Oh Shit,” and about all the things I have put off this week.

Laundry. All their school clothes need to be washed and put away. It’s all in the bags I bought it in. Not just the new clothes but I need to wash ALL the clothes. And towels so we can shower…maybe shower if we have time…. Bad Mom!

My kids aren’t on any type of schedule. Last night I tried to get them into bed at 9 and Levi was up until about 12 reading, playing legos and not sleeping. That kid has always had trouble falling asleep. Tomorrow will probably be rough on all of us. Getting up at 5, the kids up at 6 and out of the house before 7! We might need a miracle!

I make their lunches. I totally spaced school starting tomorrow and I barely have anything for their lunches and Delylahs snack time. Tomorrow will be an unhealthy eating day but at least they will still have food to eat!

It has been raining quite a bit and they both only have super cute, comfy shoes. We knew it rained a lot. The neighbors told us. Maybe I should have purchased some rain boots for my beasties so they didn’t ruin their shoes?!

Most of this stuff I can and will get done today not matter how ragged I get! The early morning wake up and bed time might be a killer but we are gonna do out best. I know I’m not the only one unprepared for school to start tomorrow. So for everyone else thinking “Oh Shit,” remember….We got this! It’s not their first day of school ever. We have been through this before but probably a little more prepared and what will be, will be!

I am excited to see them in action at their new schools and to meet their new friends. But today I have to get busy!

Happy Sunday My Friends



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