Random Shit I Forgot

I’ve been so busy lately that there are days that I forget to do or just don’t do random shit. Whether I ran out of time and don’t want to stay up any later to get it done or I completely spaced it because I have so much going on. It just didn’t happen.

Here’s a small list of shit I forgot just yesterday…

I forgot to take Delylahs lunch that she fails to eat, out of her lunch box. Yes, it was pretty disgusting this morning.

I forgot to pull out any math homework for her. Score for her for yesterday until she has to play catch up today and is super pissed off. My bad.

Forgot to take some keys out of my car that Travis really needed. Didn’t realize it until I was half way down the hill and was not about to turn around. He was less than thrilled….

Forgot to plug in my kids tablets/IPOD (because this is totally my job) they usually take them to karate so while one goes the other is not bored. That shit didn’t happen.

I forgot that my son hates school and doesn’t want anything to do with learning anything at all unless it is exactly what he is interested in. If it’s not there will be a fight… (I seem to forget this everyday)

I forgot food in the BBQ from Travis’ birthday….UGH! Thank goodness my brothers girlfriend found it because it reeked like someone had died on my car port!

What did you forget recently?

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