Rainy Days

Saturday morning has brought the rain. I thought I would like the rain more now that there is less mud. Really, I don’t like the rain at all. To me it means staying inside, getting less done and eating more. Unfortunately, we have to go out in the rain too. I would like to wait until it’s gone but it’s supposed to be raining until Monday! Why? Why would mother nature do this to me when I am sick!?

On a good note, we do have things we can do. Of course they require eating. We have gingerbread houses to build and fruity pebbles treats to make while watching our favorite Christmas movies! Hopefully the rain will let up just a little so we can venture out. We don’t have to go far and we don’t need much.

When it rains and we can’t go outside I try to do crafts and activities. I feel terrible so it won’t be as extravagant as it has been before but we do know how to stay busy in the rain.

Painting, building forts and having nerf gun fights. One year I had all these boxes left from Halloween costumes (we were the box trolls) and we used them to make a pirate ship.

Today, Delylah wants to paint, I want to set up my sewing table and screw up whatever I try to make and if Levi has it his way he would play video games all day. (He doesn’t have it his way!) Those gingerbread houses will get built and hopefully take up a good hour of the day! Rainy days are always good arts and crafts days. With a nice cheese plate on the side. Only I can’t really taste my food since I can’t breathe so I think we will stick with tea.

What do you do on rainy days?

Happy Saturday My Friends



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