Quality Over Quantity

For some reason, I have come off as not a people person. I can agree with that to an extent. But if we aren’t friends and there has been an effort, there is a reason for that. I do not like to surround myself with negativity. I try so extremely hard to be positive, no matter what life throws at me. This year, it has thrown a lot at me! I wake up everyday with a smiling face ready to tackle the new day. There are things I look for when I am trying to make new friends. And yes, it matters. Everyone is judgmental in some way or another…You Are….and I just know the kind of people I want in my life and around my kids. After all, they will end up looking up to you too.

This is all fresh in my mind at this present moment because I have been trying to make friends. Some don’t think I’m friend material either. I know because I never got a call back for a second audition. One time was all it took for them to know I wasn’t the kind of friend they wanted and I’m fine with that. It makes me wonder if we all have the same idea of what a friend a should be or if it’s different for each person. This is what I look for in a friend.

To listen and vise versa. It goes both ways on almost all accounts in a friendship. If you are talking, I am listening. I would expect the same thing.

Not just positive feedback. If we are friends or trying to be, don’t just always say “everything will be alright.” Especially, if that’s not the case. I’d rather hear how much it sucks and how hard it will be.

Fill my bucket and I will always fill yours. We tell our kids that and most of the time don’t do it. We want our friends to feel good about themselves and what they are doing. When they do something good, tell them! Trust me, it will go a long way.

When and if a friend needs help, help them. Help me, even if I didn’t ask for help but you can see I need it. Don’t think it’s over stepping. I don’t.

When our kids fight (and they will), only step in when necessary. They are friends just trying to figure it out. We can’t figure it out for them. They are young and unsure of what a “real friend” is. They need to figure out what they think is a good friend, not what we think is a good friend.

I am not into gossip and bringing others down. If you are, it is a turn off and might have me worry about what you really think and say of me when I’m gone. I probably wouldn’t choose you as a friend.

A good friend is fun, unique and interesting. That doesn’t mean we have to be the life of the party. It means we can make our own fun out of nothing.

Be supportive of their goals. My goals might not be realistic but it’s what I want. Friends will support your silly goals no matter what.

Don’t bull shit me. I am a no bull shitter. I tell it like it is and am honest and blunt. I’d rather you tell me “Hey, you’re being a real ass hole,” instead of holding on to that or simply letting it go.

Friendship is effort on all accounts.

What do you look for in a friendship?



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