Yesterday Delylah got to lead her entire school in the Texas Pledge while one of her best friends led the entire school in the regular pledge. The girls did a great job and were so excited! It took Delylah a little out of her comfort zone to speak in front of a large group of people but she rocked it!

After the school assembly Travis and I got busy getting things done at home. Our quads finally have a home in the shed out of the weather and I started getting ready for my booth for the chili cook off/hoedown thing. Really, I got step one of one thing done. But I did start. It seems like every project I start lately is very slow going. I have almost 2 weeks to get everything ready for my booth and it shouldn’t be too bad except I’m trying to make this…. or something like it. I’m wishing myself the best of luck. So far, it’s painted white.

After I painted that, because you know, that was so hard, I got a tattoo.

I had been planning it for a while. Travis and I drew it up last week and were waiting for this day. At least I was waiting for this day. I wanted it before we ever moved from California and it had different meaning then. If you are unfamiliar with a Unalome it is a symbol for your path to enlightenment. Mine is backwards on purpose because I wanted to start with an elephant and end with an infinity symbol, meaning my path to enlightenment never ends. The lotus flower symbolizes my hardships, strength, finding beauty and awakening to reality.  That wasn’t my original plan but my recent feelings changed my idea for my tattoo. I love it! It didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would. If I had to sit through color it would probably have hurt like hell.

Today I am headed back to yoga. Trav gets a massage and gets to see the dentist all in one day. Lucky him! And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get the chili’s drawn on that board I started!

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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