Productivity Makes Things Happen

We had a very productive weekend!

Friday after school we went to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie at one of those fancy movie theaters with recliners, food and booze! We all enjoyed it and loved the movie! When we got out of the movie we stepped into a tornado warning! With a tornado touching down 30 miles north of us. No big deal right? We made it home where the storm never matured and were able to relax.

Saturday was full of house work and yard work! Cutting out dead trees. Mowing lots of grass. Scrubbing pollen off all the patio furniture as well as the patio. Travis bought a canopy/cover for the truck that is just sitting in all the hail storms and other weather. We got it put together and the truck in it. It would be a cool thing for camping too. It has windows and an awning and together it only took about 30 minutes to put up. Super cool and definitely worth it since it has multiple uses.

In the middle of the day we took a break and spent time with the kids. I took Delylah to gymnastics and we had ice cream for lunch. We walked around PetSmart and finally got the dogs new tags! Travis and Levi went to lunch and home depot. Man stuff!

But then it was back to work with the kids playing outside! We BBQ’d, played games around the patio table and it was the kids first time in the pool since it’s been getting warmer! It was a fantastic Saturday and we were all beat!

Sunday brought much of the same. Fixing flower beds and the side yard gate. Cleaning the garage. I finally finished painting Delylahs bathroom cabinets and got them put back on. It took me 2 weeks for 4 cabinet doors. I was busy doing other things in between paint coats and the cabinets became last on my priority list. But they are finally painted and back on. Now it will take me another month or more to actually finish the rest of the bathroom!  Everyone was beat and falling asleep by 7:30 last night! I’d say our productive weekend paid off!

Today is going to be AWESOME! Delylah is introducing the Texas Pledge in front of the whole school this morning! I didn’t know there was a pledge just for Texas until the kids started school. Neither did they. We get to go watch her do it and one of her best friends is doing the regular Pledge along with her. She practiced all weekend and is very excited!!

How productive was your weekend?


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