Procrastinating And Having Fun!

The past few days have consisted of being so busy that at the end of the day I can’t recall if I’d eaten or what I’d eaten, what I really did accomplish (if anything) and knowing that I still have a few busy days left ahead.

It’s my fault. Knowing we have a three-week road trip to pack and prepare for, I decided to go to the water park for Levi’s birthday. We had a bunch of doctor’s appointments and I didn’t have ink for my printer to print out confirmations or maps just in case we didn’t have cell service. That was my biggest excuse. No Ink. Not only that but it’s summer vacation. We have been staying up late watching movies. My kids can stay up until midnight and be up at the butt crack of dawn still. They are wired weird.  I have been tired and my motivation is not in packing…It just takes a lot of thinking. hahaha

For Levi’s actual birthday on Saturday we headed to the water park per his request. It was just the three of us and we had a great time! I got Delylah to ride some rides that she cried about, before and after them but she was brave and did it! She won first place in a hula hoop contest while we were there and was super excited! She is always hula hooping and doing tricks with them. That was all of Saturday. All the smiles and happiness that radiated from both kids that day were well worth it. That just reiterated to me that it wasn’t time to pack yet!

Sunday, I did start packing and printing out all the maps. Everything is reserved and ready. I have one more phone call to make today about a reservation but then I’m done. Just a few more bags to pack, clean out the car and start loading it! Our first day is a 16 hour drive! It’s our only day with that long of a drive. I calculated the miles of our trip. After being on the road for three weeks, we will have driven 4,635.6 miles (probably more with stops and other sight-seeing) across 8 states. We will be on the road a total of 68 hours and 33 minutes (again, probably more with stops and other sight-seeing). When you think about it, that’s not that bad. If combined that would be us in the car for about 3 days out of 3 weeks. Our trip includes white water rafting on the Colorado River, Hiking in Archers National Park, Hiking to waterfalls in Idaho, visiting lots of family, Carlsbad Caverns, camping at KOA’s along the way and more family fun and memories that will last a lifetime! I am super excited to just get in the car and start driving. If I could just finish packing our shit……

That brings us to this fabulous Monday! A day of packing, getting Jack groomed and ready for the trip (he gets to come with us) and taking a small break to have lunch with friends. I doubt I will finish packing but I’m getting closer. I have two days to finish. It can be done!

Do you have any grand plans this summer that you are procrastinating getting ready for?

Happy Monday My Friends


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