Power Of A Smile

Everyday my schedule gets a little something extra added to it. From working out, cleaning house, working in the yard and with animals, fixing whatever is broken, school work with the kids, driving back and forth and karate…the list is endless. I rarely ever sit down until the late evening and then its off to bed.

As we were winding down last night and doing our usual to get to bed by 8 I realized the time I get to see and spend with my kids is getting less and less. They are starting to do their own things and turn into their own little people. So I turned on some music and just started dancing. Their smiling faces and crazy dance moves made me forget about all the stuff I still needed to accomplish and all the things that were bothering me from the day. (there was a lot!) Why do we not do this more? They are so care free and happy and just long for more mommy time. Have I missed something? As much as I do and do for them and with them I still felt as though I don’t spend “quality” time with them. As we were shaking it and they were dancing with each other my heart just melts.

My kids are my greatest accomplishment and sometimes I forget that. Their whiny-ness that never ends. The fighting while I’m shopping. The fighting period! Not listening. UGH! But really that doesn’t even happen a quarter of the time so what the hell am I complaining about? The difference in each of them after spending quality one on one time with them is astounding. It’s unfortunate that our lives get so busy that it takes a day or night like this to realize it. Once realized though can you make the change to put forth more effort to spend more time with them? Maybe my work out isn’t as important as I thought. Or having a super clean house….All I know is I can make the time for them. I want to see that difference in them more often! I love my little brats! Consistent in teaching their mama everyday!






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