Possitive Affirmations

Sometime kids need that extra push. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are. They just need to know they are worth it, worth something. They have to say it to themselves so that they believe it.

Do you ever hear you kid say “I can’t do this.” “I suck at this.” “No one likes me”?

Well I know I have heard it.

I created a bucket of popsicle sticks with positive affirmations on it.

These are just pieces of paper but this is where I got the idea.


A positive affirmation is a positive saying for yourself. An adult wakes up and says “I am awesome, Today’s gonna be great.” But a kid wakes up and says “I hate school, no one likes me, I can’t do anything right.” Sometimes adults say shit like this too so really this could help them as well.

Whenever my kid says dumb stuff like that I have them pull some of the popsicle sticks and read them out loud and over and over. I had large positive affirmation signs hung in his room for the longest time. That said ” I am good at video games, I am Loved, I am smart, I have friends, I choose to  be happy!”

The difference in him after a month was amazing. I would put positive affirmations in his lunch and homework folder for school so he’d get them when he’d open those up. That little boost of confidence goes a long way.

Sometimes you don’t realize it but you child needs a pick me up and just knowing or hearing those thing about themselves can give them that boost they are looking for. Saying it themselves drives it into their head.

Here’s a link to a website that has great positive affirmations for kids. Positive affirmations for kids

Enjoy bringing positivity into your lives!

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