Positively Fabulous

I woke up extremely sore from the past 2 days of working out hard. I haven’t done a true work out since before we moved from California and then couldn’t because of surgery. I am never very consistent. I will work out for a few weeks and stop for a few weeks. But never have I been soo sore! The pain is a good thing! The pain is bringing me to my Fabulous Friday Post!!!!!

Yes, I am feeling Fabulous today with my pain. It is letting me know my body still works and is capable of everything I always knew. That with some work and determination and I can do anything.

It is fabulous that I can work out! I couldn’t for so long after surgery and just didn’t with moving that it feels nice to get my body moving.

Not only that but it is fabulous that I get to work out without disruptions. No kids to ask me something in the middle of my workout. Or walk right in my way! It’s the little things.

It is a fabulous day simply because it is Friday! These 5 am wake ups are for the birds. Well, not here. No birds are up at 5 here. Dogs are barking and deer are up so 5 am is for them! They can have it! I am happy it’s Friday and tomorrow we can all sleep in!

Yesterday, Delylah woke up with the sniffles. While this kind of sucks, it’s actually a good thing. If she stays sick it will force me to find a doctor. (which I need to do) If she gets better quickly I will be praising Texas. In California when she got sick, she stayed sick! So this situation is a win, win! Talk about fabulous!

While some people would look at some of these things and not be feeling so fabulous, there is always a plus side to every situation if you look at it a little longer or a little differently. I’d rather feel great about being in pain because I’m achieving muscle and toning. That Ya, my daughter is sick but it’s the first time since we moved here and let’s see how it goes and what kind of doctor we can find. And 5 am wake ups only last for 5 days and then we get a break! There is a positive to just about every situation. I like looking on the bright side! That makes me feel FABULOUS!

What has you feeling fabulous today?


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