PMS and Nachos

I woke up depressed yesterday.

Depressed that I’m still here. I’m stuck. Duh, you idiot your daughter just had surgery and you can’t do shit. It was the same when I had surgery, only this time I’m not the one confining us so it’s different. Every time I talk to Travis he can’t hear half of what I say and asks me to repeat myself. I’m cleaning up constantly and my kids seem to just walk behind me making messes. I took video games and electronics away (for very good reason) and they complain about being bored. We have a pool, zip line, toy room, trampoline, dogs. They could help do some chores. Like, what in the serious Fuck!?

Then I looked at the calendar and realized I’m going to start my period this week. Thank you for that. Being a hormonal, raging bitch of a woman that doesn’t understand her own feelings for at least a week. This is bull shit.

While I know that’s the case, I am still growling this morning and the kids aren’t even up yet! I am just preparing for when they do wake up. Which battle will I have to fight today? I’ve got to say, I have been so damn lenient since Delylah had her surgery they should be doing anything I say. They want ice cream (Even Levi who didn’t have surgery) all day everyday? Go ahead. Chocolate bars, Go ahead. Eat whatever we’ve got. BUT CLEAN UP YOUR EFFING MESS!!!!!

I usually don’t let my hormones get to me so much. Before my period comes each month I am always a little more stressed out which causes me to be cranky and it was something I recognized and tried hard to tone down. And did. I think with Travis being gone and very little adult interaction these last 2 weeks, Delylah having her surgery and only being able to do very little, the kids losing their video games and all up in my shit constantly has amped up my emotions a little. Or a lot!

Even though my period comes this week, it should be a better week. The kids are still grounded from video games but Delylah is getting better everyday. She began talking yesterday which makes dealing with her easier. Pointing and gesturing for what she wanted was beginning to aggravate me. She is still under strict no activity rules so we can’t do much but she can talk! Levi has swim everyday and dropping him off for at least an hour an having no one talking back to me or with attitude will feel like I’m at a day spa! Travis comes home tomorrow night.

Being a woman can sometimes be hard work with all these crazy hormones!

No wonder I wanted nachos yesterday.

Happy Monday My Friends


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