Planting, Sunshine, Life!

Yesterday, Travis and I worked hard on finishing up what he had started over the weekend. Levi and Travis built our raised bed garden. Now that we have started it, we want to expand it and add a hoop house next to it. One project at a time though.

We spent the day filling it with straw bales, mulch and vegetables. Adding a water system and checking on it to make any changes throughout the day. We ended up putting a couple of plants in buckets, knowing that their height will far surpass the height of the green house-top. Since this photo, Travis added some wood so we could add some climbing plants such as zucchini and squash without taking up room inside the actual box. I’m excited to see how this works out for us. We have usually had a huge space outside for the garden planting more than we would ever need. With all the rain we needed something we could cover.

We also bought plants that are natural mosquito repellents. We tore all the plants out of our flower beds in the front of our house, added fresh mulch and planted them there. They are not only natural mosquito repellents, they are all edible and I can use them for tinctures and teas later. Plants like lavender, lemon balm, mint, rosemary, basil. Because we have quite the deer population, we did fence it off. Hopefully, that works but I’ve seen plenty of deer get through a fence.

Yesterday was a good day, full of working together and accomplishing a lot! We ended the day with a pork loin that was in the crock pot all day and a long walk with the kids and dogs.

How did you spend your Monday???

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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