Perserverance Pays Off

Yesterday I got to watch my kids as they did their first belt test for karate!

It was very exciting as Levi has already asked me when we can stop going. He says “when is it over?” As if it’s like baseball or soccer. He knows once we start something we don’t quit. We see it through. But it’s not like a baseball season. So how long do I have him do it? He only wants to quit to have more video game time which he wouldn’t have since his sister does karate too and she loves it. It’s far away and we all have to go together so that means him too. Once we get there he has a great time! I started him in the program to gain self confidence, self esteem, respect, meet other kids and have fun.

Since he was doing it, it seemed only fitting to have Delylah join as well.

So, yesterday began like most days at karate. Levi didn’t want to be there. That’s usually because he has to wait for his sister to go first. Only this wasn’t like any other day. This was belt testing day! I know I was excited! I had never been to a belt testing before. Levi was still over it before we got there. We watched Delylah and her group for about an hour and a half.


She did so good. Usually when Delylah doesn’t do something right the first time she breaks down and will not try again. Being in this program has taught her to persevere and have the courage to keep going and strive for more! She is a great example for her brother and other kids and we are so proud of her!

Then it was Levis turn and he was also up for an hour and a half.







PART_1433623649855_20150606_134011 PART_1433623644894_20150606_134014

Levi starts out awkward every time but warms up quickly. For wanting to quit already he sure looks like he’s having a great time. He does not like all of the attention of having such a large group of on lookers especially at belt testing day but he did very well. It is not that he has wanted to give up on one specific part because it was hard and there have been hard parts for him (the leg lifts, which he came home and practiced! I knew he didn’t really want to quit) it was all about not having enough game time. Which there is always enough game time. I am very impressed with Levi during his first 3 months in this program. With every lesson you can see him growing more confident with himself and stepping outside of his comfort zone.

        Delylahs New Belt
         Levis New Belt

I couldn’t be more honored to be the parents of these little beasties!


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2 thoughts on “Perserverance Pays Off

  1. Love your blog Winter-and what a beautiful job you’re doing with the kids.
    Love you all so much! -Aunt Liz

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