Pearls Of Wisdom For My Daughter

My grandma shared so many things with me before she passed and unfortunately my daughter never got to meet her. She has been lucky to meet my other grandma but we don’t see her as much as we would like. So I want to make sure I share with my daughter some wisdom that my grandmothers have shared with me.

So here you go, Some Pearls of Wisdom.

1. Don’t underestimate the power of a hot bath at the day’s beginning and end.

2. Get rid of underwear the minute the elastic wears out. Soft, well fitting undergarments change your mood and outlook.

3. Every time the temptation to buy something on impulse seizes you, take the money you want to blow on a magazine or a scarf and put that money in a jar on your dresser or desk. See how much accumulates in one months time. It will be an eye-opening experiment.

4. Smell books as much as possible. Take paperbacks along with you everywhere. Don’t spend that time staring at a cell phone. Screens drain you, books fill you up.

5. Take 10 minutes and tidy up your home/apartment if your going to be home late. It’s such a pleasant moment when you open that door to discover a clean house.

6. Always carry a writing pad and a pen. 99% of what you write down is useless but 1% is golden.

7. Start and finish your letters/emails with salutations. It’s easy to express goodwill with little effort. It also makes you memorable.

8. It is easy to admire people who are cold, because they seem to possess worldliness, importance and nonchalance. Do not aspire to be like that, as tempting as it might be on days when the world seems to be entirely uninterested in your existence. Instead, be warm and kind and you will find a community of equally giving people.

9. Remember that convention wisdom is just that. Take it with a heaping teaspoon of salt and don’t be afraid to ignore it.

10. Frame especially useful lists to your wall.


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