Last night Levi says he wants to be woken up early to make a fire for us. There is no way I’m going to wake the beast so I set his alarm and hoped for the best. He will be disappointed if I do the fire. So I sit here and wait….in the cold because he’s not up yet.
He hates mornings. He will lay in bed for at least 10 minutes after his alarm goes off. But he had a plan. A plan to build us a fire for the day and keep us warm. So I am not squashing his plan.
A lot of times kids get ideas like this and parents don’t wait for the kids to follow through. Parents, who are supposed to be patient, have no patience. Things like this will have a reaction. If he doesn’t wake up and start a fire the house will just be cold and we will all be cold. I will bundle up in warm clothes. The kids will complain because I didn’t start a fire. But someone else really had his heart set on starting a fire.
Waiting and being patient is sometimes the best teacher! For you and for your kids.


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