Party Preparedness

We are throwing the family Christmas party this year and I couldn’t be more excited! I absolutely love having everyone at my house and being surrounded by my family I haven’t seen in forever telling stupid stories, reminiscing and being ridiculously crazy with each other. I used to think throwing the party was a ton of work and would freak at how messy my house would get. I don’t know what hit me or what changed in me but I have come to realize over the last few years of throwing giant parties that it doesn’t have to be stressful, expensive or even that messy. These are some things I have done (and suggest doing if you are throwing a party) to help make life easier.

I use the three R’s. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Ok, maybe not the reduce one…I don’t think there’s any less of anything except the amount of $ I spent. But I reuse all of the old christmas stuff I already have and not in the same ways I used them in years before. I get creative. I recycle. I found some 2X4’s in my yard, painted them, made them hats and scarves and we have porch snowmen. That’s just one example for each, I can’t be giving all my party details away just yet.

Decorating is easy…If you have ribbons and bows (it’s christmas so you probably do) you slap those on the cupboards like you would a present and wallah! You’ve got fabulous kitchen decor! (or bathroom decor or door decor)

Those $1 window clings. Those are awesome! Especially if you have kids. They love to re arrange them and put them on every window and every mirror in the house. Really, you can’t beat $1 for some happiness and decor in every room!

Chances are you have candles already sitting around your house. I do. I have those flameless candles. ( I love them) I wrap some garland around them like a ribbon and BAM! flashy candle decor all over!

My kids always get christmas stuffed animals for christmas. ALWAYS! We save them in a christmas bag and put them on the bookshelf together. Easy, free (for us) and the kids like to set them up.

When it comes to food at the christmas party….It has always been delegated what people will bring. That has always left me stressing because no one ever RSVP’s and I need to know if Elena (because I love you) is bringing the damn deviled eggs. So this year I didn’t delegate anything. I simply said, “bring an appetizer, side dish or desert of your liking.” If you don’t bring something bummer because I’m taking care of the main meal and sides and it’s on you to bring something to the table. I’m getting most drinks as well but for the most part that’s it and I am not worried at all. If they want to eat it, they will bring it!

Party games. This is the first year I am doing party games at the christmas party. I hand made the games and the prizes are christmas related. They get everyone involved, including kids and are sure to be a ton of fun! So if the family didn’t get along before we either really won’t get along after the games or we will pretend to!

Some easy, fun ways to make your christmas gathering cheap and stress free! I can’t wait for my party!


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