Parents Know How To Have Fun Too!

Having kids is great. You get pregnant, it’s either an awesome pregnancy or a horrible one. Mine were both horrible. So I guess this is my way of getting back for 9 months of making me terribly sick!

Then you get to mold them into whatever you want.

Well, I was unaware I molded mine into scaredy cats! But at the same time being able to scare your kids is even better than having them. Like having them when you were so young is totally worth it now!

I have scared Levi so bad before that he was inconsolable. As sad as that may be, I was laughing hysterically! I was having fun and it was funny! That just made him more upset!

 We played the same game last night that we played when I scared the shit out of him. We turn off all the lights and play hide and seek. No one can ever seem to find me so I wait for the opportune moment and jump out and scare everyone. I played the same game when I was little and I love sharing with my kids. Sharing is caring right?

Kind of demented I know but as parents we have to get our kicks in somewhere.

After playing for a bit and the kids all crying and saying how mean Travis and I are, we stopped playing. Booo! Just when we were all having fun!

I seem to always do things that scare the crap out of my kids. Taking them to see Santa. Neither one has ever really liked him and Delylah is terrified as soon as she sees him. I can’t help it, I find this hillarious!

Levi was not afraid of the dark when he was little but is now. I take pride in making sure it’s super dark. I’m helping him get over his fear or making it worse. Either way, it’s funny. Yes, we are crazy, demented parents but we love our kids and have a weird way of showing it sometimes. You should try it! Tell me you don’t laugh when they are 10 years old and you are scaring the pants off them.

Don’t be afraid to share your childhood games with your kids. Our games are better than the ones they play now on the damn XBOX.  If it happens to scare them, you might be winning!


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