Parents In Vegas

Walking around Vegas you get to see all sorts of things happening. Every time I come here one thing that sticks out the most is parents with their kids. How they are interacting and what they are doing with their kids. Some of it is hilarious, while some of it is a “Why would you do that?” moment. Here’s some of what I have encountered this trip.

Parents making their kids sit or stand around the corner from the machines so they can gamble. Really!? Why would you do that? Just don’t bring them or don’t gamble.

Last night I saw a mom yelling at her kid for spilling her drink. She actually called him “stupid.” It was appalling and someone should slap her!

We were at the gift shop buying small 10$ souvenirs while the parents in front of me spent 500$ on souvenirs. I can not even fathom that even if I have the money. I almost choked!

When you’re walking around and there is a kid that looks to be at least 6 or older in a stroller with a pacifier. It makes you chuckle and wonder….”Why the hell would you do that?”

There was the cutest little girl riding in the elevator with us all dressed up. I saw the same girl and her parents on Fremont St stopped to talk to a hooker. That is parenting at it’s finest.

There are kids that scream everywhere but the ones that stick out are the ones that are using profanity while they are screaming! Those parents are winning!

At the buffet yesterday a parent sat with their kid and fell asleep. I guess since it’s Vegas you can sleep it off anywhere.

It is really funny when you take the kids to the arcade and the parents are having more fun than the kids and spending all the quarters! Not only are the kids embarrassed but they can’t seem to have any fun because the parents are having too much of it!

Even funnier, I typed “parents in vegas” into Google and mug shots pop up!

Then there are very few parents here like myself who are holding their kids hands everywhere they go, not stopping at machines or the bar. Not letting them run up and down the hallways. Not stopping to watch the peddlers/hookers doing their thing. Going out and doing kid stuff. The pool, Blue Man Group, The Aquarium. There is actually a ton to do for a kid here without being “That Parent.”


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