Packing My Kids Lunch

The kids are back to school today and that means packing them a lunch. It does not matter if I pack them what they ask for or just a bag full of crappy snacks. Sometimes it goes un eaten and they come home hungry! What the hell did you do with your lunch? Why didn’t you eat it? How did you go all day at school without eating but at home you can’t go 10 minutes without eating? Every year they will ask to buy their lunch and we do that for a about a week. Fortunately for me, my kids are truth tellers. They end up telling me that they throw their lunch that we paid for, away. Or only ate 1 small piece of it. School lunch is not my friend whether I pack it myself or they buy it. Here’s why….

All the crap I have to buy – I don’t just have to buy snacks and stuff for sandwiches. I have to buy healthy snacks and a million, different sized baggies because trying to fit containers of everything in their lunch bag is just not feasible. And yes, I have tried the Bento Box and my kids are not fans!

I have to pack a lunch EVERYDAY – I don’t pack lunch at night. I want it to be fresh for my kids. I pack lunch bright and early in the morning before they wake up or when they are eating their breakfast. But it has to be done….everyday! When it comes back after school un eaten though, I contemplate not making it anymore.

They always complain about something you packed – They might have asked for those chocolate teddy grahams but so and so said they were gross and now your kid can not eat them. They always eat a turkey and cheese at home but will not be having one packed in their lunch. Ridiculous!

Opening the lunch box after school – You never know what you are going to find. A sticky mess. A half eaten sandwich now smashed into the lunch box with juice or water soaked into it. The smells….

That smell – I know the food has only been unrefrigerated and out of my house for a few hours but often enough, the lunch box comes home smelling like death, feet, or vomit.

Cleaning them out – I have to clean them out everyday. There is always something spilled in there. Or they put their trash back in the lunch bag with crumbs, food or juice still in it. Those new age lunch bags have weird corners and edges. How the hell do you get in everywhere without just soaking it over night and maybe ruining it just so it will be clean!?

I keep making lunch with a smile on my face and know (or think) that one day they will look back and think….my mom was good to us.

I am SO excited to make lunch today!

Happy Tuesday My Friends!



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