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It has been 7 years since Travis and I got married. 13 years of being together. It really doesn’t feel like it has been that long. Today is our anniversary and he is at work…as usual. We usually forget our anniversary and this year it almost slipped right by again.

I met Travis when I was 16. I was still in high school and he was not…. I happened to know one of his room mates at the time. When I met him, I did not like him. He was pompous, very rude and I didn’t like being around him. He didn’t like having a 16 year old girl at his house full of guys who were all perverts…including him. He would always tell me to come back when I was 18.

That day came. I turned 18, he had a party and I showed up….with my boyfriend at the time. Of course, Travis was his usual pompous self. Super rude to my boyfriend, making sure to make it uncomfortable and we didn’t stay long. That boyfriend and I didn’t last either. Obviously. By this time I had graduated high school, had a job and was all over the place with friends. I ended up back at Travis’. He was always a pompous ass hole. Always. Everytime I came over he thought his shit didn’t stink and that he was the coolest guy around. I wasn’t having any of that for the longest time. One day he had this stupid line after dancing, drinking and having fun, “Just give me 20 minutes of your time.” And we were together for a few months. His pompous ass hole ways screwed that all up!

3 months later he broke his neck. Everyone was calling me to tell me I should go see him. I waited for him to call me. When he did call me, I went to see him and we have been together ever since.

Since that day we have lived like bachelors and had room mates. We have fought hard with each other but never left each others side. We have loved harder and as a result we have 2 beautiful babies that aren’t babies anymore. Got married in front of the people we love! We have taken road trips alone and with the kids all proving to be the best quality time together. We talk about everything. How we feel or don’t feel. What we want or don’t want. Everything! We have transitioned jobs, lifestyles and now where we will live. All TOGETHER.



I never thought I would have such an exponential love. One that time doesn’t stand still for but goes slow enough for me to bask in the moments that are mine. There is no other heart for me that is so open, that tastes so similar and has feelings so in unison. Love is so profound it has allowed me not only to survive but to thrive with passion, compassion, appreciation and style.

If you have given up on love I say, Trust Life.

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