It has been a crazy few days!

Driving to Texas was a lot better than most people thought it would be, considering we had 3 dogs, 2 cats and the kids. We didn’t have to stop all that much and for the animals never being in the car, they did amazing! The first day was a 15 hour drive day. Driving through 3 states and ending up in El Paso, Texas. Not bad. It went great and the kids were fantastic! We maybe ate too much crap but everyone was happy at the end of the day….sort of.

arizona new mexico


My Texas sign is blurry….We were going so fast and it was so dark I almost missed it.

The second day was Levi’s 11th birthday. Getting him up at 4 am to drive for another 11 hours probably wasn’t what he in mind for his birthday but he handled it like a trooper. Wherever we stopped we got him the snacks he wanted and hugged and kissed him more than he wanted. It wasn’t a bad birthday. All day he received phone love from family and friends! We arrived at the new house where the kids ran rampant checking everything out and immediately jumping in the pool. I think they like it!

at the new houselevis 11 2

levis 11

Unfortunately when we arrived at the house the previous owners were not kind enough to clean…..at all! I kind of couldn’t believe it. I have been working so hard to make sure the house I left was spotless! So, it was extremely hard to unpack anything. I began deep cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, cabinets and base boards first thing along with vacuuming  and shampooing so I could set up the kids rooms. I wanted their rooms set up first so they could feel at home. Although I am still in shock at how much was not done, I tell myself every few minutes that everybody is different and that it’s ok. I have a lot of time to get things done. A lot!

Everything is in disarray. Boxes are everywhere and there is no method to my madness at this point. I started to unpack some kitchen boxes that I am sure I will change where I put everything after I am settled. Probably 5 times. Delylah couldn’t find her shoes yesterday and told me she has never seen us have a dirty house before. I had to laugh. Neither have I! These are new memories that I will never forget!

After cleaning, setting up kids rooms and feeling like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, we took a break and all went swimming! It was a great break and felt so good. We also took Levi out to sushi for his birthday and he ate until he was stuffed. It was nice to just stop cleaning and looking at the mess for even just a little bit.

Today is back to the craziness that has become my life with a  break here and there. Returning the U-Hauls and maybe setting up the living room????

This life might be crazy and hectic right now but it’s mine!

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort but where he stands at measures of challenge and controversy. We’ve got this!

Happy Sunday!



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