It has been a little over 2 weeks since we moved in. Things are finally getting put in their place and rooms are looking like rooms instead of storage spaces filled with boxes. The kids seem to really enjoy their spaces which were done first in an effort to make them more comfortable here. I think that worked out!

Here is our progress….


The living room is still not finished and there are a few boxes behind the couch but it is getting there. Soon the T.V will be hung on the wall and the china cabinet will be in the dinning room. I don’t know how soon but that is the plan.


My Kitchen and dinning room. The kitchen does not have as much space as my previous kitchen, so making it work for all of our kitchen gadgets was difficult but it’s coming along. The dinning room is one of my favorite rooms in the house because of the new table and my wall of signs.

office loft

My office and the loft space. Don’t mind my almost naked child. We are all trying to adjust to the humidity! The loft now has a larger T.V for the kids and my office is a major work in progress. I’m going to love it when it’s finished!

delylahs rm levis rm

The kids rooms. Levi’s room was fun to put together. He is getting older and wanted to help do it “his way.” Delylah chose the more grown up looking room which surprised me but it fits her well.

toyrm music rm

The toy room and music room. I thought Delylah would pick this pink/brown room for her own. Since she didn’t, it became the toy room! It actually works out great! Travs music room is a work in progress and the piano was just brought upstairs to join in the music madness!


The backyard. Travis has been busy cutting out the Oleanders and some other bushes that fall into the pool. Levi has been doing the mowing. It will be a work in progress for a while with the 100% humidity in 95 degree weather, it’s hard to get it all done at once. The pool is our sanctuary right now!

For only being here for 2 weeks, we have gotten tons done. I’m excited to see it all coming together and to begin enjoying each space.

Happy Monday



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3 thoughts on “OUR HOUSE

  1. Your home is beautiful and I think that the progress you have made is AMAZING.
    Rader and I will be in San Antonio in Sept we are actually flying in for a long weekend in conjunction with his Conference. We may have to road trip to you all for some hugs and to meet Delylah and Levi and you. Since I have never had to privilege. Take care and BEHAVE!!!

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