One Day At A Time

As I am on the verge of getting better I decided yesterday to go outside and get stuff done. This may or may not be good for my sickness but I feel like I haven’t gone outside and gotten stuff done since I started home schooling. I used to be outside doing stuff all day every day, so the flower beds were neglected as well as the rest of the yard.

In between subjects Levi and I went outside and tackled all the flower beds. Got them weeded and watered. Today I’m hoping to get back out there and cut back all the roses and bushes. At some point we will get to the garden but that’s a much  bigger job and I can hear him complaining about helping me already! The chicken coop got done and the duck pond was re filled. All the animals were happy.

We are down to 2 pigs here on the ranch. No more breeding pigs for me! Yay! I didn’t mind doing it but you really put more into it than you get out. Financially, physically and mentally! The pigs really only liked me which made it a pain in my ass! The 2 pigs we do have are ready to be butchered very soon! Then I won’t have to worry about them anymore. My biggest worry will be what kind of pork I’m going to make my family for dinner!

Let’s hope today goes as good as yesterday and I am able to get more stuff done outside. I’m feeling good and it’s a beautiful day!


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