One Crazy Day

Yesterday was one of those days. One of those days where you drive really far in one direction for something and then really far in the opposite direction for something else. Then you do it again just because that’s what the day calls for.

On Tuesday I had no idea that my Wednesday was going to be so crazy! I thought I would do 2 yoga sessions, get some cleaning done, maybe paint and then the after school activities would commence. Then I got a call reminding me of an appointment I had forgotten about since November.

July of last year I had a breast implant rupture that created an infection in the right side of body. My implants were 9 years old and there was no explanation as to why it ruptured so I asked them to replace both implants during my surgery and they removed the infection. My appointment yesterday was to check on them and see how I have healed and how they have settled so I didn’t want to reschedule. Turns out, my left implant is encapsulated (scar tissue surrounds my implant squeezing it). I need to have it fixed but there is no guarantee that it won’t happen again and frankly I am not thrilled to be needing a third breast surgery and spending another enormous amount of money on them.

After my appointment and the shitty news about my boobs, I felt like it was vodka thirty! No…No…That’s not what I did. I was a grown up and changed into yoga clothes and hit the mat. I got one yoga session in, felt a smidge better about my boobs and headed home to change and pack a snack bag for the kids. Luckily, the neighbor was outside and I got to do some venting about my terrible morning and stupid boobs.

I quickly changed. Us moms seem to have a super power for changing clothes in 2.5 seconds. I grabbed some stuff and left again picking up Delylah early so we could pick Levi up from school. Levi was trying out for the 7th grade swim team! The only way I could take him, get Delylah and make it to her gymnastics after was to pick her up early. Sometimes it might seem like I have super powers, but I do not. If you know how to get them without dropping me in a vat of acid or anything else that’s painful, hook me up!

Swim try outs went great! Levi came out of the pool excited and eager to tell me what the coach had said. He was anxious and nervous about doing this. This is stepping out of his comfort zone in a big way. I am so proud he just went to try outs! Now to get his physical done and purchase some swim attire!  7th grade is going to be his year! (fingers crossed)

From try outs we headed to gymnastics. From one side of town all the way to the other once again! This would be our 3rd trip to the other side of town in 1 day. With all the lights and traffic, it’s not a “fast” trip either! Gymnastics went great! Delylah is getting ready for her upcoming show. She has mastered her routine on the balance beam. Her floor routine looks awesome! She is a little sketchy on the uneven bars but she will get there! Levi even got 3 math pages done! Success!

I could not wait to get home! I hadn’t been home more than 30 minutes all day and I just wanted to sit and do nothing. Of course, you know this didn’t happen. I had to water, bathe Delylah, clean up and get Levi to do more math homework. I did feed them. I swear! Well, they sort of fed themselves. But they still ate!

We were all over the place yesterday. The rest of the week should be far less crazy! I must say, I am so Thankful that I have kids who stick with me when we go places. They don’t run around crazy. They knew I had a long day and that they were going to be busy for the rest of it once I picked them up as well. They didn’t whine or complain. We all supported each other in everything we did. We accomplished everything we set out to do and a little more because we worked together as a team. I am Thankful they understand that and want to be there for each other.

After a day like yesterday, it doesn’t matter what gets thrown my way. With the support of Travis and my kids, we can accomplish anything!

Happy Thursday My Friends!


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