October Is The Best Month

I love October! I am so glad it’s finally here!

Fall is not my favorite season but October is my favorite month.

Some parents will agree with me on these.

Once I put up my Halloween Decor I don’t dust. That is one less chore I have for a whole month! Why dust when you have natural webs that are way cooler than those fake ones and cheaper!

Even though I hate cleaning out my fire place, I love to have a fire! October is the first month every year we have a fire where we live.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I’ve been dressing up since forever. I still dress up with my kids and still Trick or Treat with them. Why would you not Trick or Treat if you are wearing a costume?

After Trick or Treating even though you have your own candy you still get to eat whatever you want out of your kids loot.

Candy Apples are my favorite and are everywhere in October!

You get to play with knives and let your kids play with knives all while being socially acceptable in October to carve pumpkins!

The leaves begin to change colors and fall off the trees. You get to rake up piles of crunchy leaves and play in them!

Halloween Movies for days! I own at least 20 (mostly for kids) and we watch them every year. “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” is always a favorite here.

An added bonus is watching Nightmare Before Christmas. You don’t know if you are ready for Halloween or Christmas!

What are some your favorite things about October?


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