O Christmas Tree

Time has flown by and it is December already!

We finally have our tree up and it’s a good thing since we are hosting the Family Christmas Party this year in less than 2 weeks….I just started to decorate yesterday. But I’m not real worried about it. It’s all coming together very nicely and I’m excited to have all the family at my house and even more excited to maybe start some new family traditions!

x mas tree

Every year we buy a “live” christmas tree. By “live” I don’t mean a tree that was previously alive and has been cut. I mean a tree that is still alive in a bucket of dirt that you plant after christmas. We have been doing this as our family tradition since Levi was born 10 years ago. The trees have a 70-75% success rate of living. Which is not bad and we get to watch them grow. Just to see how big the very first tree we ever had is now is a pretty awesome thing!

We could have gone and spent good money on a nice fake tree that would have lasted us a good amount of time and saved us money on all these live trees but then the memories of getting poked while trying to plant them and getting frustrated with each other because the tree is so damn heavy and then looking back at it when it’s all done and planted with a sense of accomplishment and tradition wouldn’t be there. That sounds terribly painful when I put it in words but it’s worth it every year! The smell of fresh pine in the house. We used to get the smallest trees in our old house now we get the biggest trees we can find! Having our star fall over every single year…It’s a wonderful thing in all it’s consistency.

So begins our christmas traditions with our very first christmas tradition. The Tree!


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