Now That It’s Over

For Christmas, Travis and I bought each other nothing. We decided that we needed a new mattress and that’s pretty damn expensive but that was all we needed. Yesterday we took the kids mattress shopping with us! They had a great time trying out all the different mattresses. We already knew what we were looking for so we weren’t there very long but the kids were so content with trying everything out. Needless to say our mattress will be delivered tomorrow!!! Merry Christmas to us!

After our fun at the mattress store, we took the kids to see the new Star Wars movie! Definitely not Delylahs thing. She was asking to go home in the first 30 minutes poor girl. Levi dug every minute of it though. It was worth the line we had to stand in even though I purchased tickets before hand.

The kids got christmas money that I would have rather them saved but of course it was burning a hole in their piggy banks. Delylah was quite upset Santa didn’t bring her a minion (it’s a ridiculous toy that I was not about to spend my money on) so she wanted to spend her money and buy it. She did and it’s annoying! Levi wanted more video games. After going to 5 stores for this 1 video game I was ready for the melt down of a life time. But he held it together and today after some school work we will try to download the game. Which is cheaper for him. That’s a Win!

Of course now that all that’s done and christmas is over I look around and see all these decorations that I have to take down and put away or throw away…..Choices!


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