Nothing But A Party

It is always so much fun to have your family here and party hard all weekend! That’s exactly what we did!

Starting friday off right when the first of the family began to arrive. We prepped food while dancing to music and of course having a few drinks!

Saturday was the day of the real partying though. Delylah had belt testing for Krav Maga and did AWESOME! Everytime I watch her test I am amazed at home much she is advancing!

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When I got home Travis was busy cooking away as well as tons of family and my best friend. It was pretty awesome to see everyone coming together as they usually do and as it should be. Kids were all playing, grown ups were chit chatting and cooking. Although I was ready for the evening by the time I got back I was glad I didn’t have to do much to get the feast finished. Everyone had that handled.

Sitting down in my dinning room with 45 other family and friends surrounded by love was all I could have ever hoped for this christmas party and that’s exactly what I got. Not just then but during the caroling. Everyone joining in and being a part of it. They even enjoyed the games.

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Santa coming for the kids was a HUGE high light! Delylah was terrified but that is nothing new and thankfully she was really the only one to have that reaction.

Once people started to leave and some (more) clean up commenced we played more christmas games (all including the kids), drank more, just plain had fun! Nothing better than partying it up, Christmas Style, with the people you love!

Sunday came(today!) and super clean up happened! It was also my Aunts birthday, so cake and more singing were in order. Then it was off for an afternoon of shooting guns with the last of the family! When we get together we like to make sure we make it last ALL weekend long!

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First of the christmas festivities down, a few more to go. I am only hosting 1 more though. I guess we like to have parties!


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