Not Knowing

Right now we are in the midst of not knowing. Not knowing where we are going with Travis’ job. Not knowing if we can all be together or if he will have to travel. Not knowing where it’s going to take us.

It seems as though they enjoy prolonging it and keeping families in the dark about their future.

Even though this is what we face, I am not scared. At this present moment Travis still has a job. It might suck right now with all that’s going on there but he still has a job! I actually wouldn’t mind moving. We both grew up in Anza. This is our home town and our kids home town but change is usually never a bad thing.  When you embrace change with a good mind and positivity, it is hard for it to steer you in a bad direction.

One thing about it I definitely look forward to is getting rid of a lot of stuff while packing. Simplifying our lives in the move. If we have to move, which is seemingly inevitable at this moment. We have accumulated so much stuff  in the past 12 years and we really don’t need it all.

Not knowing where we are going to end up is like sailing a boat through the fog with no navigation. Only when the fog clears we are still together and still have our boat so there’s not a “real” problem, is there?

Soon the fog will clear and we will know which direction we have to take. Until then, we will be sailing blind. So, I’m going to start packing up and getting rid of stuff.


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