Not Everything Is What It Seems

Everyday, there are things that happen that can ruin your day. One of the many keys to happiness is- not letting it. Instead of seeing how terrible the day has turned out or thinking of how terrible it will be because of who knows what, I focus on what is making today great!

I have to drive to Houston today at prime traffic time but we are picking up Travs mom and we are all excited to see her! The kids are stoked that she is coming with us on our family vacation!

We are going to be gone for quite a while and I had a big list of things to get done. All I have left is packing our clothes and toiletries, organizing them all in the car with all the food and fun I plan on bringing. Not too bad for just getting home from Cali.

We finally have our allergies under control here in the Hollenbeck house. Levi is the only one who doesn’t seem to have any allergy issues. I’m hoping they don’t get worse on our vacation but now that I found what works, you bet I will be bringing all that with us!

I got a new laptop. I haven’t used it because I don’t have any of my passwords written down for anything. They are all saved on my current laptop. I have been dreading trying to set it all up and figure out all my passwords. I know they are all pretty much the same thing or similar but I see this taking a long time. Today, I will tackle this so we can bring the new laptop with us! Once it’s done, it’s done!

Levi was doing so great at turning in all his assignments and then hit a rough patch. I got with the principal and had him integrate a new plan for Levi to help him keep his assignments more organized. After 2 days of doing that he brought his grades up. It’s crazy how much 1 missing assignment can affect your entire grade. With the help of this amazing principal and the school grade website, Levi is understanding the importance of turning in all his work. (Even though he thinks I’m hard on him)

I still can’t do much with my upper body. My nerves are trying to heal and I am so active that I am keeping them from doing so. It’s been hard when I feel like I am not helping out but I do know it’s for the best and my body needs the time to heal. I do everything I am able to in the house, outside and with the kids. I know that it’s only a matter of time before I am all healed up and back to helping dig holes, cut bushes and lift things. For now, I will pack it all up and he will carry it. Team work!

No matter what it is that could make or break your days, just don’t let it. Nothing is forever and there is always a bright side to everything if you take the time to look for it.

Happy Friday My Friends



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