Not All Parts Of Being A Stay At Home Parent Are Great….

Being a stay at home mom is an amazing job. It is rewarding in so many ways. Yesterday Levi brought home his progress report of all A’s and B’s. He is doing fantastic socially, academically and at home. It’s marvelous. Delylah is learning new things everyday and is one of the top students in her class. Not only that but her feisty-ness is calming down…a little.

But there are also things about being a stay at home mom that I just don’t like. We have to do a lot. Or we choose to do a lot. That doesn’t mean we like everything that we do. My job consists of many things. For the most part, I like all of it but let me tell you about the parts I don’t like.

Laundry. I like putting it in the washer and switching it to the dryer. I don’t like folding it or putting away. Why can’t someone else do that? And I really don’t like turning all the socks the right way before having to put them in the washer. No matter how many times I tell everyone to make sure their socks are right side out, they never listen! When I do the laundry I’m sticking my hand in all these dirty ass socks! I really don’t like it!

Cleaning the cat box. Some would say just get rid of the cats. It’s just not that easy. I would get rid of them in a heart beat but they are “family” pets. Of course no one else ever cleans out the cat box or the smell just doesn’t bother anyone else enough for them to want to do it daily. It bothers me and I do it every day! But I don’t want to!

Cleaning the trash cans. It’s a job that doesn’t get thought about it until it has to be done and by then it’s a nasty job that no one wants to do!

Washing the bedding and re-making the beds. I make the beds every day. But when it comes down to stripping them, washing everything and putting new ones on, I just don’t like doing it. Not for any particular reason either. I just don’t like to do it. I love the way it feels so of course I do it but it seems like such a big job for only a little satisfaction.

Detailing my car. Hence the reason it’s only done like once a year. I let my kids eat in the car, we take road trips and I pick up other peoples kids a lot. I try to keep the trash cleaned out all the time but when it comes to really cleaning it, UGH, I hate that job! It’s back-breaking work that no one appreciates but me and just gets dirty the second I let my kids back in the car!

5 am wake ups. Getting up at 5 am with kids for school is so crappy! I don’t sleep in all that late on the weekends. Maybe to 7 if I’m lucky but 5 am is so early!

Cleaning lunch boxes. It’s like they squish their lunches into every seam of the lunch box.  Like they spilled every ounce of juice or apple sauce all over the lunch box and then jumped on the lunch box to squish it around really good. Sometimes the lunch boxes smell so bad I just want to throw them out and get new ones. Or when they forget them in their back packs over the weekend and Monday rolls around….So nasty!

I love being a stay at home mom and I am very fortunate to still be able to be one while my kids are at school. For the most part, I love every part about it.

If you’re a stay at home parent, what are some jobs you don’t like doing that are including in the job description?


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