Not All Parenting Is Joyful….

At 3am this morning I hear stomping upstairs. It’s Levi. I assume he is getting up to use the bathroom so I roll over and try to go back to sleep. I hear more stomping and what sounded like someone falling down my stairs. Abruptly, my light was flicked on and I felt like a vampire! Hissing and holding my hands up to cover my face.

I could see that attitude was radiating from his body. I asked if he was OK, but I should have thought first. I didn’t have the time to think about that. I was just woken up with what felt like a Mag Lite shinning in my eyes. His reply, “Of course not! I got a bloody nose and there is blood all over the floor and in my bed!”

SHIT! That’s all I can muster up in my thoughts. SHIT! I have to get up. I have to clean that up before it stains everything and effs up my world tomorrow. Or, Today really.

That’s great. We are both up. I comfort him best I can after thoughts of him being the devil and waking me up wasn’t completely necessary at 11 years old for a bloody mess but what would I do if it looked like a murder scene? (Which is what I pictured. Blood all over the floor and in my bed, like he said) We both head upstairs, I get a wet towel and begin to assess the damage.

NONE! This kid has got to be kidding me. No blood on the floor. No blood in his bed. Maybe a smidge of blood on his blanket but it wasn’t his “blankie” that he has slept with since birth, so no big deal. I get him a new blanket, clean up his face and listen to him complain about Texas. Everything that happens always ends up in complaints about Texas. This bloody nose was Texas’ fault!

It took a good thirty minutes to get his nose to stop bleeding. He has gotten bloody noses for as long as I can remember and he has woken up with them in the middle of the night quite a few times. He usually doesn’t wake me though. He just deals with it on his own. But he thought there was blood everywhere this time. I get him situated, give him kisses and I’m home free to go back to bed. WRONG!

Now he can’t sleep. Levi is also my insomniac and takes melatonin every night to help aid in falling asleep and staying asleep. I have always told him to think of sleep, think of darkness, don’t think that you won’t fall asleep. He doesn’t listen to me though. Who am I? It’s not like I’m his mom or anything. So I offered for him to climb into my bed. Travis isn’t home yet and there is room for my grown up size 11-year-old. He thought about it for a minute and then came to my bed.

I was thankful because I knew in my bed this would be the end of it! I was RIGHT! Because I’m the mom! That was the end of it. Thankfully!

Sleep came for both of us until my 5am alarm went off and I swear it sounded like the exorcist. Levi got to sleep until 5:30am and woke up happy as hell as if nothing happened last night. Hopefully his attitude stays that chipper all day!

Gotta love being a parent!

Happy Wednesday My Friends


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