No Secret Here

What happens over the weekend stays with the weekend!?

Well not this weekend. Check out my new do.


Different. Bold. I’m Loving it!

The kids Awesome Art.

ATT_1442842384069_20150919_132918 ATT_1442842384346_20150919_144344

We painted pictures, made picture frames, made sun catchers, door hangers and painted Travis’ shop floor!

Delylahs new glasses!


It is her second pair in a month! But I am loving the style of these! She definitely rocks them!

It is no secret that there is love for princesses in my house! We watched the new Cinderella.


She happens to be my sons favorite princess too so it was pretty awesome to watch as a family!

Not to mention all the quad and go cart riding, ranch work, 4 bying, school work getting done and fun we had.

Weekend success if I do say so myself!


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