Negatives, Positives, Ups and Downs

It is no surprise that my children are having a hard time. They miss Anza. They miss their friends and family. They miss our old houses. They miss the weather. They miss seeing the stars at night. The list of what they miss could go on and on. I know, because they have been telling me lately.

Last week was when Levi started really breaking down. Only, he didn’t really mention it to us. Thankfully, he has an amazing teacher who is there for him and us, as well as the principal. If that communication wasn’t there, I don’t know that we would know.

Then, last night I was laying in bed with Delylah and she began to cry. She misses Anza and all that we knew as well. She expressed that now that she has friends here does she have to move again? She doesn’t want to miss her new friends too.

I too am having trouble here. As an adult I know the difference between, we have to move and we want to move. We didn’t really have a choice unless Travis wanted to take a lay off, which he didn’t. Us, his family, was in his best interest and this was the best decision he could have made. Explaining it to a 6-year-old is complicated. Levi understands but it doesn’t change his feelings.

Yesterday we were out on a walk when a boy rode a bike up to us and asked Levi if he remembered him. Levi said yes but they didn’t conversate at all after. When we walked away I asked Levi if that was a friend. He said “No. That guy bullies me in P.E.” Delylah turned around and was going after him and punch him. While it was the cutest thing that she was sticking up for her brother, it sucked that much more. Now we know that little punk lives around the corner.

I understand their feelings because I feel them too. I only hope that my encouraging words and positive outlook about it all will help them and maybe rub off on them a little. I’ve just got to keep spewing my optimism their way and try to get them to understand that when they feel so negative towards something it ruins their chances of seeing anything good that is happening.

We are going to enjoy the hell out of this Monday. No school and all FUN!

Happy Monday My Friends



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2 thoughts on “Negatives, Positives, Ups and Downs

  1. It’s so tough on kids … even adults! Change can be so powerful. Ups and downs just as you said. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers that everyone adjusts well and keeps their chins up!!

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