My New Name

Everyday, without fail my kids decide to change my name. I hear it so often that I now believe my “Mom” name might not be “Mom.”

Tell me if this sounds familiar to anybody else.

I will tell them to pick up and get ready for bed. I hear “BUT MOM.”

Stop hitting your sister (or brother). “BUT MOM.”

You have to eat all of something on your plate before you can be excused. “BUT MOM.”

Put on clean underwear after you shower. “BUT MOM.”

Pick up your dirty underwear off the floor and put it where it goes. “BUT MOM.”

Everyone’s going to help feed animals before we leave. “BUT MOM.”

Be nice to your friends. Geez. “BUT MOM.”

Sometimes my name changes from Mom to BUT MOM and also this…

What did I tell you? Just listen the first time. “UGH GOD.”

Use your words. “UGH GOD.”

Let mommy finish her blog. “UGH GOD.”

We have to go down the hill again so go get ready. “UGH GOD.”


So excuse me if I don’t answer you when you talk to me. I’m confused as to what my name is. BUT MOM, UGH GOD, MOM. They need to pick one and stick with it.


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