My Last Confession Was July 19th…I Confess

Everyone has things they don’t tell anyone. Or maybe it never comes up.

But I confess-

I sometimes cuss at my kids during stern moments. I feel like it helps me get my point across but then I tell them cussing makes me (and them) sound stupid. Oxymoron much?

Shit, sometimes I use cuss words when I am just talking to them and telling a story.

I hardly ever brush my hair. I shower, it gets brushed but until the next shower it’s getting a half -finger run through and I’m calling it good. It doesn’t matter anyways. Unless I straighten it, and even then, this Texas weather gives no shits about what my hair looks like.

Half the time when my kids shower, all I do is wash Delylahs hair and leave the rest up to them. They are probably never clean. They never smell like soap after a shower. Pretty soon they might end up like Pig-Pen from Charlie Brown with a cloud of dirt around them always!

We have Ice Cream for dinner or lunch…a lot!

I look forward to the bus coming to pick my kids up every morning. This “time to do what I want thing” is amazing!

I also look forward to their weekend. Doing nothing…Ya right.

I hate being busy every weekend. I’d like to just chill and watch  movies. But I get restless and that is an impossibility.

I don’t brush my teeth at night. And I don’t make my kids either. But I preach good teeth all the time!

I pee a lot! I have the bladder of an old lady!

I am not catholic but hearing someone else confess stupid things always makes somebody feel better!

What do you have to confess??



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