My Kitchen Has Been Seasoned With Love

I love when Travis and I set our minds to something and then we accomplish it together. We have been talking about refurbishing a few rooms in our house since we moved in and haven’t really been able to with the holidays, my surgery and just finding time. We finally got to the kitchen! It was definitely a slow process. It began in November when Travis put up the metal I had been talking about but then our busy lives got in the way.

This week while Travis was home we were able to complete it and I am in LOVE with how it turned out.

This is what it looked like right after we moved in. The counter tops and back splash had been updated before we moved in but nothing else had. That green paint had been on the walls for 15 years! The pendant lights are on dimmers but even on high were so dim they were useless.

When I got home from California in November Travis had put up the metal. Our cabinets didn’t reach the ceiling and I hated it. I would never have been able to reach that high anyways so instead of moving them or buying more we decided to go with this look.

And here it is!!!

It’s a big difference from when we moved in. We changed the pendant lights to mason jars and the fluorescents to oval LED’s. My walls are now grey and if I have any readers from the very beginning you will notice that blue. It’s very similar to the blue in the entryway of our California house.

The only thing left to upgrade is the stove which we have been talking about doing as well. Everything I bake has to be turned multiple times to prevent burning and everything I bake or cook takes longer than it should.

I love my kitchens new look. All it took was money (Not that much, the ceiling lights were the most expensive thing), metal, paint and time! This room definitely livens up the house.

My next project is Delylahs birthday party. I have got to start making the decor and find the birthday box….It’s here somewhere.

Happy Wednesday My Friends


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