My Kid Is Sick And This Is What I Think…

Delylah has been sick since Dec 21st. Well, that was the first time I took her to the docs and they did nothing. Said it was viral and she’d get over it. After our fantastic vacation in Washington she was much more sick! So sick that the school called and I had to pick her up. That was Wednesday. Finally yesterday I take her back to the docs only to find out she has pneumonia and we caught it early, Thank God! Now the struggle with getting her to take the medicine begins. It took over an hour last night to get her to swallow down the tiniest bit of medicine and I’m pretty sure she spit most of it back out.

It’s terrible when kids get sick. She has been sick now for quite a while so I’m tired and she’s tired. So now I’m laughing at these things I’ve done along the way of her sickness….

Here’s some vitamins and essential oils. You’re good – I must  have been dreaming. Those gummy vitamins are probably just candy and she probably goes and wipes any oils I put on her off right away.

Cough Syrup, Tylenol, Just sleep already – Nope….not a good idea either. All we did was mask her sickness and she still didn’t sleep good.

Just watch more T.V – I make her a bed on the couch, turn on the t.v and let her watch endless amounts of whatever ridiculous show she wants. She’s not fighting with her brother, she’s resting. Makes me feel like I’ve won. I mean, shes’s resting!

I’ll just let the sickness run it’s course. She doesn’t need anti biotics – Doc said, so it must be true. Plus Delylah has already had her fair share of anti biotics in her short little life, she doesn’t need more. What? There’s fluid in her ears and lungs, she has a sinus infection. I’m sure there’s an essential oil for that.

Finally going back to the docs – Let’s brush your hair and teeth. Change out of your p.j’s so they don’t think I’m a crappy mom.

WHAT? PNEUMONIA? – I know what pneumonia is but I’m gonna google it. No, I don’t want to know just give me the meds. Damn it we are all gonna get pneumonia.

I will not get sick, I will not get sick – People say pneumonia is not contagious….the infection itself is. I don’t want to get it. I wake up thinking “my chest hurts when I breathe, Damn it, I don’t want to get sick.”

Yes, these are things I did to avoid a second trip to the docs thinking she was fine, it would pass, I don’t really want her to take more anti biotics.  I knew trying to get her to take them would be like trying to ice skate on hot lava. After an hour and finally having to force her only to have her spit most of it out, I’m beginning to think it would have been so much easier to go to the ER and have them IV her so we could be done already.

Mom’s need sick days too damn it!


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