My Beasties Have My Heart

There are days when my kids are just not nice to each other. They do whatever it takes to annoy the hell out of the other one and they are good at it! Then there are days when they play well, hold conversations with each other and show love for each other so fiercely that I sit back and revel in what I have created! Yesterday was on of those days. Where they loved each other, listened to one another and were the greatest joy to be around!

Levi gets home from school an hour before Delylah does. While we waited for her, we went over school work and the parent website so he could see what I get to see. When Delylah got home she had a picture from art class. All she cared about was that Levi saw it! Levi is taking art and loves to draw. He helped her hang her picture up in the hallway and they talked about the different kinds of art and what she was going to do next in art class!

Levi waited for Delylah to finish her homework and asked if they could go swimming together. Sometimes in the pool they are fighting over goggles, being in each others way and splashing each other in the face on purpose because that’s how you do it when you have siblings. Yesterday was not one of those days. Levi was swimming around the pool with her on his back. They were just sitting for a bit talking about random things. They were helping each other with kick boards, floaties and goggles. My heart was full just from watching them.

At dinner we do High/Lows and usually they aren’t much for table talk after that. Delylah is the talker but Levi will just ridicule her because he’s older and that makes her wrong no matter what. Last night at dinner they talked about school, their classes and friends and what they do in P.E. It was so nice just sitting there and being a part of their lovely conversation.

They do not always get along. In fact, it seems that they are like this when no one is around to witness their awesomeness! Like being rotten to each other is a show they have to keep up on so people think they don’t like each other. 5 years apart is a long time. They will never be in the same school or experience the same things. Things change so much in 5 years. But right now, at this age, they love the hell out of each other and help each other whenever the other one is in need.

I did something right!

Happy Friday My Friends



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