Mundane Thankfulness

The amount of mundane things that I am thankful for is astronomical. Being away from my family in times of peril have proven that to me.

As ludicrous as it is, social media is a life line that I am ever so thankful for. If it wasn’t for Snap Chat, Facebook and Instagram I wouldn’t have known my sister in law was in the hospital. Or my cousin. Or my Aunts Mother. (No one knows how to pick up a phone anymore and everyone has a lot going on) It may have taken a Snap at 3:30 in the morning to find some things out but it was worth it and I am happy to be in the know.

I am able to take trips back to California to visit my family. Travis makes this so. I am heading out there today by myself. My grandpa is visiting from Oregon so I have been planning this visit for over a month. It just happens to come at a time when everything is happening to everyone else and is a good time to visit. I am extremely thankful for the opportunities to be able to do this.

My yoga mat. I work out everyday and have recently been doing a lot of yoga. I have a weird tail bone that sticks out and bought a thicker yoga mat. I am so happy I did. My butt bone is so happy now. So is my spine. Apparently, I am quite boney! My bones and hard wood floor don’t quite get along.

We have a cordless air blower. It has to be my favorite power tool. I use it every day to clean off the front porch, back porch, driveway and clean out the garage. It’s light weight and easy to use. We use to have one with a cord and it was always getting wrapped around something. I wonder if I can use it instead of vacuuming??

We have had a Costco membership for years. Since moving to Texas I have had to buy things like water in bulk and having the membership makes it so nice. I love having copious amounts of paper towels and toilet paper. I never worry about running out thanks to Costco. It might sound futile but when I’m in the bathroom and have to reach for more toilet paper, I know it will always be there!

My lifeline. My cell phone. Another ridiculous thing that has sucked people in and turned them into zombies. My cell phone is where I get emails on the go. It’s where I find out right away when and if Levi isn’t doing well at school and the principal needs to see me. It’s how I communicate with Travis when he’s on the Rig. It’s where the doctors call me to give me the updates on Delylah’s latest blood work no matter where I am. My cell phone is like my hand-held laptop!

These are the most mundane things to be thankful for that wouldn’t normally come to mind but lately they are things that I have needed and relied on most.

I am thankful that I woke up another day. Healthy, Happy and Full of Life.

What are you Thankful for??


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2 thoughts on “Mundane Thankfulness

  1. Winter, I LOVE your perspective! You are a great writer. I am also a lover of Yoga so I can relate with the wood floors and tail bone thing! I would be so honored to have you stop by my website at where my husband and I write about things that we love, especially marriage and the struggles of being small business owners. Your words are greatly appreciated. I wish you the best throughout 2017!


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