Moving Toward Simple

I am always going through stuff and getting rid of it. No matter how much I get rid of, it seems like we still have SO much stuff. Just stuff. I always want to get rid of it. The husband hates it. He likes having TOO much stuff. Even my kids have a lot of stuff. I guess compared to some kids it’s not that much, especially my son but they still have a lot of stuff. So much that I think sometimes even they have a hard time keeping track of it.

So why have it? If we had less stuff, we would have less stuff to clean and put away. Which would give us more time. More time to do stuff we enjoy. More time as a family.

I am going to start doing it again. Room by room, drawer by drawer, little by little. Until I feel less cluttered and we all have more time. I know we don’t NEED this stuff.

I just want life to be more organized and simple. The 2 easiest things I can do are declutter my house and yard and take control of the finances. Like real control of them. Find out where we are spending money we don’t need to be and cut things out. Another thing the husband will hate. But in the end it will ultimately make us more happy. I think… Knowing exactly where everything is going and what we have extra will be such a big help. Right now we just pay bills and do whatever we want even if we can’t. (because it’s not fun working and never having fun)

So today is day 1! I am making a spread sheet of ALL our expenses (something I should have done long ago) and will begin to simplify, declutter and better our lives. Whether it be by cutting out un wanted expenses that we really don’t need or just by getting rid of stuff!

My crap is somebody elses treasure!


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