Moving Forward

After we had received the “list” of places that Travis could be transferred I decided to check out places to live in all those areas. Which I had done before but not in any detail.

Well, I’ll be damned if we aren’t subject to hurricanes, freezing cold weather and possibly tornadoes in all the places on the list! I guess California isn’t so bad after all!

I was sitting with the kids showing them the possibilities and I think they were shocked that most of the places are in the city. They have grown up in a small town with no stop lights and mostly dirt roads. Moving to the city might be kind of a shock for them at first but if it’s what we have to do they will adjust.

They sure liked Alabama though. Where most of the houses are up for foreclosure because they had so much damage from the last hurricane! On the up side, we could get a smokin deal and have property still in the boonies! On the down side, it might need a roof still and we might need a boat for when the hurricanes hit and we need to sail away because that’s all we can do.

That is just one of the many options and the one the kids happen to like. Only time will tell where we end up.

For now I’m going to continue trashing our crap that has been sitting around here for the past 3 years and untouched! I trashed 2 giant bags just from my desk yesterday! And it’s not a huge desk. Apparently going through shit is going to be quite the job! If I don’t know what it is, it’s trash. If we haven’t used it in at least a year, it’s trash. If we haven’t worn it in at least a year, it’s trash. We might be trashy! There’s a lot of trash!

Happy Thursday


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