Mondays Don’t Have To Suck

Sometimes, Mondays are rough. The early morning. The long workday. Homework. The realization that freedom is a full five days away. Mondays can cause some serious blues.

But you know what else Mondays can do? Caffeinate you. Detoxify you. Enlighten you. Make you feel like a normal, decent, purposeful human being who’s completely capable of being a responsible adult. Here are reasons Mondays don’t suck…

NORMALCY –  Your life is back to normal — whether that’s from a weekend of partying with your bestie who still thinks she’s a 21-year-old college junior or chasing after children who party like they’re at Disneyland every Saturday. Either way, be grateful your life is detoxifying today.

BACK TO SCHOOL – This goes with normalcy. But the kids go back to school. For me, I’m a stay at home mom and as much as I love my kids, I love Mondays for sending them back to school and away from each other.

IT’S NOT THE END – There are days after Monday to keep your project or whatever you are doing going. Monday isn’t the end. It’s the beginning!  You can start something today and have many days ahead to fine-tune your idea.

NEW BEGINNINGS – Not only is today Monday and the chance to start over in a new week but it’s the beginning of a new month! You can start fresh for the entire month and it could very well be the best month of your year if you let it!

ENERGY – Monday’s celestial symbol is the Moon – and the moon is awesome! In yoga the moon symbolizes cool, grounded and receptive energy.

SECOND CHANCES – Eff shit up royally last week? Not get things done you were supposed to or wanted to? You have a whole new week ahead of you to make it right and try again!

EATING RIGHT – The weekend is gone and your food baby should disappear within 24 hours. You can go back to your organic, gluten-free lifestyle that results in good skin and tighter abs.

CLEANLINESS – You have clean, glossy, shiny hair. Yesterday was Sunday and you most likely finally got the shower in. And did laundry….

TRASH DAY – I never thought I’d be happy about trash day. But the days of filling a trailer and hauling off to the dump are gone. The trash cans are full and every week I wait for Monday and the cans to be empty so I can continue throwing out useless stuff. And regular household stuff too.

Most people really dislike Mondays. I have never been one of those people. Whether it’s trash day, the day you get back to the gym, your kids are back to school or you now have clean undies, You woke up today! On Monday! That right there makes Monday Awesome! Find something beautifully amazing in your day no matter how small!

Happy Monday My Friends


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