Mondays And Mornings

I like Mondays!

It’s back to routine, back to work, back to school. Not only do I like Mondays, but I am a morning person. I like mornings. It’s crisp. I’m awake! It’s the beginning of something awesome every day! I might be crazy but it helps with getting the kids up and ready when it’s the last thing they want to do. My happy-go-lucky, fantastic morning feelings wear off on them….sometimes.

So, Mondays and Mornings are all me!

Now that my awesomeness is beginning to wear off on some of you this fabulous Monday morning, let me give you an update.

We still don’t know where Travis will be transferred but I (just me) am pretty sure wherever it is, we will be moving. I have been going through every room, dwindling down our animals and checking out property in possible locations so I have an idea of what I’m looking at.

It’s my cousin’s birthday day today. We are so much alike it will drive you crazy to be around us. I taught her well! Happy Birthday Elena Jo!

Both kids are doing very well in school and Levi is ahead in his school year. I will be happy to be done before we have to move!

Delylah’s little dog Jack was recently fixed. But apparently not soon enough because he just started marking his territory…in my house! So it’s back in the crate for him for some more training. Luckily, he likes his crate from when we first got him. Hopefully this passes quickly. I hate cleaning up messes from animals!

We are all healthy (for now) and Delylah has her follow up with the ENT in a couple of weeks. She has been doing so good, I don’t think they will want to do the surgery but that also depends on what her adenoids look like. We will find out next week!

It might be Monday and it might be early but it’s all in how you start your day! Be awesome!


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