Monday Mumblings

Woke up on the bright side on this beautiful, dark Monday. I went to sleep to the sound of rain and silent dogs. If the rain is what gets them to stop barking, it should rain every night just so I can sleep.

The time change has us all screwed up. Kids waking up at 5 am and all exhausted by 7 pm. Only to go to sleep and wake again at 5 am. It seems like we were all just adjusting to the time change of moving here and our new school schedule. Which is a crazy schedule. It’s just a vicious cycle, this thing called parenting. But alas, I am alive, feeling better and have loads to be grateful for.

In just 3 days I will be traveling back home to see my new nephew. (He is lucky, the time change doesn’t affect him…yet) I have only seen pictures. I am so elated for my brother to finally be able to hold his son. I have been waiting on my brothers to have kids since I had kids. Waiting for my kids to have cousins. They are only 6 and 11 years apart but they will love each other like no other! Every time I get a new picture of Benjamin, Delylah is overjoyed!

Between shots in my butt and loads of meds, I am feeling so much better. Delylah and I have seasonal allergies and apparently all this Texas pollen does not agree with us. We just have to stay vigilant, taking our allergy meds and not spending too much time outside while the pollen counts are so high. It seems like as soon as we feel good, we head outside for some fun and the next day it’s like we are back to day one. We just have to adjust and get used to it. Hopefully by next year we will have a good allergy system down and know what to do.

Levi woke up this morning saying how much he hates Mondays. I like everyday. Mondays are more scheduled and routine than the weekends but It is the beginning of a new week. A chance to do better than the week before. Start over in whatever it was that you didn’t succeed at. I’d say that makes Monday pretty awesome!

Happy Monday My Friends



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