Monday Brings Gifts

After such a fantastic weekend we were not ready for the sounds of our alarms this morning.
5 am came quickly and the bus seemed to come even quicker. With one kid in great spirits and only slightly snotty, he was headed off to school to conquer the day. The other one didn’t even make it to the bus. The crying, green boogers, not feeling good and really playing into the sickness had us parents fall for it every step of the way. She is on the couch, staying hydrated and watching movies all day. Her temperature is rising and I’m glad we fell for her Monday morning shenanigans of not wanting to go to school. She would have just ended up even more sick.
My dad has left us after being here for over a month. Having him here and getting up with us every morning to see the kids off was magnificent. The kids really enjoyed having him here, almost as much as me.

We spent the weekend with friends and attended another Monster Jam! You just can’t get enough exhaust smell and burning of the eyes in at one attendance. You really need to go as much as you can.

I can only hope this week doesn’t bring full-blown sickness to my house. I know how it usually goes with Delylah. Once she starts, she can’t stop. We don’t really have a busy week but we do have a swim meet for Levi this weekend.
Monday has brought sickness, relaxation, grocery shopping and cleaning to my house. I don’t think it’s all that bad.
What has Monday brought you?


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