School is almost over! I have volunteered a few times. Chapperoned a field trip and gone to school for a few different activities. You can find me in the pick up line every Wednesday and waiting at the bus stop every morning with a few other parents. There are all different types of moms all over.

1. Pajama Mom- Everybody sees her and everybody wishes they had the balls to be her! (maybe) Every day without fail she is in her pajamas with her messy pony tail getting all the kids out of the car.

2. Tiny Clothes Giant Fake Boob Mom- Yes, they are everywhere. She’s got it and she’s flaunting it. No matter where she is!

3. Hippie Organic Mom- She wears long flowing skirts and Birkenstocks and packs her kids lunches with all organic food with water in a reusable stainless steel bottle. (This could be me….)

4. Always Volunteering Mom- You see her every time you’re at school and know she’s not a teacher but what the hell is she is always doing there? She practically lives there!

5. Perfectionist Mom- This mom always has her hair done, make up done, dresses great, makes sure her kids have their hair done with nice clothes as well. Has her kids scheduled for random shit all year and actually makes it to everything!

6. Caffeinated Mom- You never see this one without that cup of joe in hand. It’s a tall cup too!

7. Running Late/Forgetful Mom- Zooming passed you, driving like an ass hole because they’re running late and things are chaotic every morning for her. In the morning, after school, for any activities. All the time. Late! It happens in part because she can’t remember a thing! School field trip? Bake sale? What time the bus comes? Late and can’t remember a thing.

8. Gossip Queen Mom- I have met a few of these and I steer clear of these ones. You know them as soon as they open their mouths. They’ve been at school so long that they know everything about everybody and are very eager to share it!

9. Hot Yoga Mom- She comes to school in her hot yoga pants carrying her water bottle with her hot body making everybody jealous of her dedication to fitness.

10. Yelling Mom- Whether it’s nice things or not so nice things, there is always the mom yelling from her car or at the sidewalk. Yelling at her kids or someone else. She’s usually a disheveled mess but she’s always there.

11. Million Kids Mom- This mom seems to have no problem getting her kids to soccer and school on time all the while being cool and collected. She seems to know where all the kids are and they all listen to her well. (it’s crazy!)

In no way am I passing judgement on any of these moms. This has just been an observation from my many times at the schools this year. I know for a fact I am part of some of these. I am a bit of #3 for sure and possibly, more recently #9. And that’s OK. I know that’s that kind of mom I am and I own it.

What kind of mom are you???

All of us moms are different with one common goal, Wanting what is best for our kids.


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